Other-wise offers different programs for both private- and corporate cliënts. Every program can start within a week. So you can start straightaway

Dynamics & Balance This is a program for private cliënts or those who don't want their employer involved.

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Building/Keeping Balance These programs are mainly used for corporate coaching. For instance in case of Burn-out and lenghty absenteeism.

Anxiety and Phobias Anxiety and phobias can have a huge impact on your life. It can seriously hamper your joy of life and freedom of movement.

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Relations Do you feel like there is an ever growing divide between you and your partner? Do fights, tensions and reproaches occur far more frequently than before?

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Testing Balance This test shows where you stand today. It shows your strong- and lesser strong points. It helps pinpoint on what issues coaching can be of great help and support further improvement. It's also a powerful and effective tool for employers to assess new hires for certain positions.

Family constellations By means of a (table) configuration it becomes clear which old dynamics impact your present and possibly limit your ability to really connect.
Within a (love) relation the impact of the dynamics of your family system must not be underestimated.
Without you being aware, your system and that of your partner often jockey for dominance, which can cause a lot of hard to explain turbulence.
A clear view on this will help you prevent future collisions.