Feelings...and what they try to tell us.

Feelings are besides energy, signals that are telling us something.
Some we do experience as pleasant and positive, others much less so.
Yet the less welcome, negative, ones are the most important indicators telling us to change direction.
The positive do not. I never met someone who said: well Vic, I feel so secure, happy and joyful today, this has to stop.
Conversely, I hear the opposite when it comes to negative feelings like, insecurity, grief, sorrow and distrust.
So the feelings which we experience as being negative set us in motion and tell us to act.
Instead of taking these signals seriously we often do the opposite.
We try to ignore them by keeping busy, try to avoid them by focussing on other things. Outrun them as if big, dark clouds come our way.
Or we try to suppress them with medication, drugs or a few drinks more.
By doing so we ignore not just the signal but the underlying message as well.
The anger, insecurity, frustration or grief can hold the message that you are selling yourself short, that the things you do no longer match your needs and wishes.
Looking at feelings this way, shows they’re actualy your best friends, who ask you to pay attention to yourself and to change the things which aren’t helpful or supportive any more.
Maybe you experience negative feelings also, which you try to outrun because they are too intense, painful or too hard to bear.
If so, keep in mind that by ignoring them, you most likely miss out on the important message they are trying to convey.
A message that has your best interests at heart.