For every organization, commitment, flexibility, effort and creativity of their employees are of the utmost importance.
Without them it's impossible to achieve the set objectives.
In a rapid changing world adjustments and reorganizations are daily realities.
To capitalize on new situations it's important changes can be implemented swiftly, without complications.
Unfortunately, this is often easier said than done.
Change causes resistance, which can severely hamper early adoption of required modifications.

In addition to the above mentioned, employee personal issues can cause problems for an organization as well.
Resulting in rising tensions and a drop in performance.

To support your business, Other-wise offers you various programs to address these and other matters.


A succesful team consists of people who suplement each other. Who can compensate co-worker's weak-points and enhance each others strong-points. To achieve this, selfreflection, honesty and an open work-relationship are indispensable.

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As a manager you got a lot on your plate. You have to keep your departement running smoothly, meet targets and solve any problem, preferably before they emerge. Sometimes you might find yourself in an uneasy split between the board and your workers. If so, maybe you can do with a little help and support. Once in a management position the number of people who you can share with, is greatly reduced. I offer you directly applicable insights plus the opportunity to further strenghten and enhance yourself on many fronts.

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