Victor Plas (1962)

After a long career in the hospitality branche I decided to start my coaching practice in 2002.
Although I really liked my job, I felt I wanted something more.
Instead of something short-lived, I wanted to provide something far more lasting.
Because my role as CEO shifted gradually towards coaching, the decision to start my own coaching practice was an obvious one.

One of my main motivations to coach is to help people how to reconnect with themselves and bring out their best.
Within my practice I see a lot of people who got somewhere lost in life and became ever more allienated from themselves and the people around them.
This has a enormous impact on their relations, work and health.
As a consequence they often lost a part of their abilities, talents and joy of life.
Their life partner gets to deal with the effects as well.
Often this results in an increase of conflicts and sometimes even a break-up.
In the beforementioned situation the partner is not the only one who has to deal with this.
The employer also runs the risk of losing a valued employee for a prolonged period of time.
This is not just a loss for the person concerned but for the organization he or she works for as well.
In short: A loss for all parties involved.

My way of coaching can greatly deminish this and other risks.
For starters it creates awareness and makes visible what has gone under the radar.
Once it becomes clear which factors impede and how these trigger your thoughts, emotions and actions, you can start addressing them.

Our thoughts and emotions are important factors compelling us to act. Uptill now they result in a more or less automatic response, Being aware of this mechanism enables you to respond differently and act far more in sync with your needs and desires.

This will aid you making the changes you seek and help you build strength and self.
I provide highly customized coaching in which integrity, empathy, respect and realism are key to succes.
Good coaching makes people stronger and helps build more self-confidence, esteem and joy of life.
In order to achieve this goal I use various methods.

From experience, both professionally and personally, I'm very much aware of how helpful insights and tools can be to make a better and joyous future.