Within my practice a wide range of topics is addressed. From relationship-related issues to burn-out, from anxiety, phobias and depression to work-related pitfalls.
All these problems have one thing in common. They started small but spread like an oil-spill and affected in many way's someone's life.
As a consequence a lot of energy, certainty and joy of life has been lost.
This causes restlessness and a perpetual nagging feeling of uneasiness.

Problems can start for a variety of reasons. Because you want to overcome your issues, we"ll start by identifying the root-causes.
In certain cases a few sessions can be all you need but generally more is needed to get lasting results.
I fully understand that consulting a coach is a decision not taken lightly.
I therefore offer you a non-binding introduction session in which you can decide whether my coaching-program fits your demand.

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Taking back the helm with SAIL

SAIL is a new program in which I address your theme (s) / questions in various ways and put you back in the drivers seat.
The program consists of 10 sessions of one and a half hours and one day of sailing.

Besides a clean way of transport, sailing is also a wonderful metaphor for life.
Sometimes you find waves and wind against you, on other occasions it’s smooth sailing off the wind.
One day there’s no wind, the other it might storm.
The wind can turn, increase or decrease, all in a single day, and how do you deal with that?
You’ll have to navigate sometimes treacherous waters without running aground.
At times you have to change sails or course to reach your destination safely.
And yes, driver's skills and timing are all important in order to avoid damage or get washed-up.
And sometimes reefing your sails and finding a safe haven is the best option.

In short; many aspects of life become visible in a slightly different form during sailing. Within SAIL I offer many insights, offer new skills and / or reinforce those traits, you wish to develop further.
I teach you to steer optimally, read wind and water and to make good use of different circumstances.
SAIL offers you every opportunity to take control again and plot your own course.

SAIL starts every year in March so that in the months of June and July we can literally go sailing in a responsible and safe way.

Costs € 1795,-